Bintang Toedjoe is a company that’s oriented to profit, people and the planet. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program based on Community Development has long been run by the company, as a form of social responsibility to the people of Indonesia.

One of the early Community Development programs and still continuing to date is the red ginger cultivation empowerment program for PKK women group in every village in major cities and regencies in Indonesia (Bejo’s Herbal Garden in Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Bandung, Jakarta and Bogor).

This education, monitoring and facilitation program is carried out by our Agriculture team, also in collaboration with academics, local governments and the central government (BPPT).

Other than the PKK women group, we also applied this program to senior red ginger farmers who supply our red ginger simplicia needs. In addition, for the sustainability of this program we also conduct community development for orphans, Islamic boarding school students and new farmers in all provinces of Indonesia who have never cultivated red ginger.

Financially, we have also collaborated with various banks in Indonesia in providing capital solutions for farmers or individuals who have difficulty in financing their cultivation. We also provide a purchase guarantee in the form of an agreement (MOU) to our assisted farmers whose harvests meet our standards.

Our community development program doesn’t stop at red ginger cultivation only. In the future, we will also do cultivation for various other native Indonesian herbal plants.

This commitment is supported by the development of the Herbal Farmers Center which will be established in 2019, where we collaborate with BPPT biotechnology and a number of academics in the West Java region, to enhance the competence of Indonesian herbal farmers.

Finally, through this Community Development program, we hope to improve the welfare of Indonesian herbal farmers both socially and economically, as well as contributing in the go green program for Indonesia and the world through continuously encourage the planting of Indonesian herbal plants.

You can also contribute in supporting our Community Development program through the purchase of red ginger extract and other Indonesian herbal plant extracts that we sell.

Thank you.


Our Farmer Partners Mapping

Our Farmer Partners Mapping