About Us


To be the most admired “Ecosystem of Indonesian Herbal Extract” business


To provide standardized Indonesian Herbal Ekstract with efficacy and safety for consumer health and pharmaceutical industry, using Herbal Simplicia resulted from Trained Farmers in our Community Development (CSR) ; supported by Standardized Seeds from In Vitro Tissue Culture & Cultivation.



PT Bintang Toedjoe (a member of Kalbe Group) is a pharmaceutical, food supplement and herbal medicine company that focuses on developing finished products based on herbal extract raw materials since 2007.

The need for high-quality herbal extract raw materials with guaranteed supply continuity is a challenge given the growing development of our herbal medicine products in the coming years.

Along with this, since 2013 we have also started a community development program for red skin ginger cultivation for housewives (PKK) and herbal farmers in several Indonesian provinces, where we buy their harvest for later processing into red skin ginger extract (one of the main natural ingredients in our superior herbal product, BEJO Jahe Merah).

The certainty of "availability of supply" of red skin ginger herbal extract and the sustainability of our "Community Development" program is the beginning of the establishment of our “Ecosystem of Indonesian Herbal Extract” business concept.

This business concept starts from the upstream, namely through education, facilitation and monitoring to our herbal farmer partners, starting from the seeding of herbal plants to the cultivation, in order to get the highest quality of red skin ginger simplicia.

This was then continued with intensive development in making the red skin ginger simplicia into standardized extracts in our RnD Laboratory and produced in our extractor partners’ factory that have adequate extraction facilities.

From the production, the red skin ginger extract is used to fulfill our internal production supply needs of this material. Our flagship herbal products include BEJO Jahe Merah and Komix Herbal.

Besides being used as raw material for our internal products, we are also open to selling our herbal extracts to other companies to be used as raw material as well as to be developed into finished products.

Currently, our featured herbal extracts is the Red Skin Ginger Extract (with standardization of 6-gingerol content) which has numerous health benefits and applicable to be used in pharmaceutical, food supplement, food and beverages as well as cosmetics industry.